Bring Your Own Device

Haria mai tō pūrere hiko

Families are now invited to purchase of a Chromebook through a vendor of their choosing, as the school will no longer be facilitating the sale of these devices. 

BYOD is an option for families but is not a requirement. Students of families who choose not to purchase a Chromebook will have a school Chromebook to use during the school day instead, so they will have the same access as all other students in the class.

In order to 'bring your own device' you need to complete the Gmail account agreement form and the BYOD agreement form, and bring them along with the Chromebook to be set up on the school network.

You are also now able to purchase a Chromebook throughout the year at any time of your choosing. Drop off with the BYOD agreement signed and we will have it set up the next time our ICT technician is available.

We have a range of documents below that outline the organisation and thinking around our BYOD programme.

If you have any queries about our BYOD programme please email our office at

Commonly asked questions about BYOD

Video of our BYOD parent information evening in 2013

Gmail account agreement form

BYOD agreement form

Chromebook repair process

Care of Chromebooks

Google Takeout process - how to download all your work when leaving the school