Chromebook Repair Process

What happens when my Child’s chromebook is not performing the way we would like?

If at anytime you are concerned about how your Chromebook is performing we are happy to, in good faith, have our AISCORP technician have a look at the device and where possible make minor repairs at no cost. We however are not an approved repairer so when complex issues occur to the device you will need to organise your own repairs, or if the device is less than a year old, seek repair under warranty.

This document is to help outline what happens here at school when Chromebooks are not working as they should and what your options are when the school is not able to fix an issue.

CPS ICT technician repair process

  1. Student, classroom teacher or parent alerts the ICT team to an issue occurring with a Chromebook and the issue is placed in a queue for repair. School network issues take priority.
  2. The technician works on the device and carries out any minor repairs that may be necessary. Sometimes more information about the issue may be required or the device may need to be monitored to see how it performs over time.
  3. Families and classroom teachers are emailed and informed of what the problem was, what we have found or did and if the Chromebook requires further action or repairs.

What are my options if my Chromebook requires further repairs?

If the chromebook is less than a year old you are covered under warranty for any repairs, make sure you know what actions will cause the warranty to be voided.

Generally we have found that often the cost to repair a chromebook when there is a serious issue is similar to the cost of purchasing a new device. Repair companies often charge you large amounts of money to look at the device and tell you what the repair required is and the cost of this repair. You need to consider carefully if it is worth repairing the device versus the cost of a new device.

Here are some repair companies we are aware of:
- Service Plus on Thorndon Quay.They can be contacted at 0800 00 77 22 and may provide a quote before deciding to repair.
- Connect NZ 97-101 Adelaide Road, Ph:0800 800 815

If your child is no longer able to use their personal Chromebook they will be provided with a school owned chromebook to use instead. We greatly appreciate broken Chromebooks being donated to the school so we can use the spare parts to repair other Chromebooks when possible.

What can I do to best try to avoid the need for repairs on my Child’s Chromebook?

Below is the care of Chromebook suggestions we discuss and expect of students here at school. We have over time identified the most vulnerable parts of Chromebooks and make students aware of these so they can better care for their devices at school. We encourage families to use these or adapt them to create their own care agreements for how devices will be cared for at home.

Chromebook Care

Your Chromebook is precious and needs to be cared for

- When you are not using your Chromebook always put it in a padded bag to protect it from getting broken.
- When you are leaving the classroom put your Chromebook in the lockable cupboard so it is not at risk of being stolen.
- When using your Chromebook press softly on the keys and trackpad. It does not need really hard pressure to work.
- When plugging your Chromebook in to charge put the cord into the socket carefully so as to not bend the pin
- Your charging cord can also break easily- treat it with care.
- Never pick your Chromebook up by the screen as this can break the screen. The screen is very fragile and hard pressure can break it.
- Be careful not to drop your Chromebook as this can break it.
- If while using your Chromebook you need to go and get something, do not leave it on the floor for somebody to stand on or leave it on a seat or couch for someone to sit on. Make sure your Chromebook is on a surface it will not fall off.
- When putting your Chromebook down on a table to work, place it softly. Any hard thumps can cause it to break.

If you drop it you might be lucky to have it still working - this does not mean it will always be fine when you drop it. Each drop damages it a little bit and this damage builds up till eventually it just gets knocked slightly and breaks.