Our Learning

Ō Mātou akoranga

Vision- 'Empowering Connected Lifelong Learners'

We have high expectations in terms of academic achievement and appropriate behaviour. While it is important to us that every child is well established in reading, writing and maths, we also have a strong emphasis on developing the whole child, building self-esteem and giving everyone an opportunity to shine.

Because of this, our school provides an interesting and varied co-curricular programme, with a view to providing opportunities in academic, social, cultural and physical areas. While we recognise that literacy and numeracy are a priority, we also seek to provide a fun, challenging, innovative learning programme that gives everyone their moment to excel, whether that’s starring in the school production, representing the school at sporting events, taking on leadership roles, or excelling in their learning.

The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) is effectively implemented through our local personalised Churton Park Curriculum.

The integration of ICT across the curriculum is well established, with 1:1 access to computers in Yr4-6 and a range of devices available in Yr1-3. We have developed a very comprehensive digital learning programme for all our students, as we recognise this will be vital preparation for students’ full involvement in the world they are / will be part of.

We value play as a learning opportunity so our youngest learners participate in planned Learning through Play activities, often with a focus on the key competencies as outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum. As the students move through the school, this concept builds into learning in science, technology, engineering, arts and maths delivered through our STEAM and Makerspace programmes, all of which provide authentic learning opportunities in these different curriculum areas while also maintaining a focus on the development of the key competencies.

Understanding and applying a growth mindset to all learning is a focus that is developed and explored across all year levels, so that our students know that it’s OK to take a risk and make a mistake; in fact that helps us all with learning.

Physical Activity is embraced and promoted within the school, alongside competitiveness and sportsmanship. These programmes allow students to build skills and interests.

In every area of learning, we encourage our students to put into action our school values (Respect, Resilience, Success, Hauora & Fun).