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Churton Park School welcomes a small number of International Fee-Paying Students every year. Please contact us at any time, to ask questions, or if you are in New Zealand, to arrange a visit to the school.

How to apply to be an international student

To apply for enrolment, complete the Application Form + Contract. Once we receive your Application Form + Contract, we will determine if there is space for your child in the school. We will also review the student’s academic record, and arrange a face-to-face or online meeting with the student and their family. Providing all the correct documents makes this process quicker.

Churton Park School will then provide you with a Letter of Offer which can be used to apply for a Study Visa through Immigration New Zealand. Enrolment will be confirmed once the appropriate Study Visa has been granted.

Entry Criteria

There are no minimum English language requirements to enter Churton Park School. Students will be assessed when they arrive to determine the level of language support required. All international students will be eligible for English Language Support as part of their enrolment, regardless of experience.

Enrolment Contract

Churton Park School is required by law to have a contract to cover the duration of the international student enrolment at the school. A copy of this contract is part of the Application Form, which you must sign as part of the application process.

The contract covers our obligations to you and your obligations to the school. The contract will be in English, and we are happy to discuss any part of the contract with you if you have any questions.

Prime condition of enrolment

It is a prime condition of enrolment that the student lives with their caregiving parent during their enrolment at Churton Park School. Please note: the school does not accept homestay students.

All contractual arrangements and payment of fees in full must be in place before an offer of place is made.


A full list of our fees can be found here.

How to contact us

We look forward to seeing you at Churton Park School soon. For further information about the school, and to answer any questions you might have, please contact our International Student Co-ordinator, Maree Goodall: