School Day

Ngā rā o te tau / Te wātaka mo te rā


  1. The School will be open for the hours 9am - 3pm, as specified by the Education Act.

  2. Under normal circumstances children should not arrive at school before 8.30am. Classrooms will be open for children after 8.30am.

  3. Please make sure you have your child at school by 8.50am each morning. This gives them time to get their bags unpacked, get set up for the day, and have a chance to greet and connect with their classmates. We all understand that every so often your morning routine doesn’t go quite as expected (we’ve all had those days) but it is important that children are well set up for the day. You will know that self-conscious feeling when, even as an adult, you have to walk into a meeting a bit late and it’s just the same for children coming into class when the learning is already underway. 

    Also, if your child is going to be late or away from school for any reason it is very
    Important that you let the school office know (there is a button on the website for you to do this easily) and leave a message stating your child’s name, room number and reason for absence. This is to ensure that we can account for the safety of every child.

    If possible, parents should inform the school in advance if their children will be late for school or have to leave early. There is a sign in / sign out register at the office for any children arriving after 9.00am or having to leave during the school day.

  4. Current times are:
    Start of school 9.00am
    Morning tea play break 10.30am 
    Read & Feed 10.50am (teacher reads while children eat)
    Back to class 11am
    Lunch play break 12.30pm
    End of lunch 1.25pm
    School finished 3pm

  5. The automatic system will play music to bring children into classes (9am, 10.50am, 11am, 1.10pm, 1.25pm). Teachers will release children for their break when they are ready. 

  6. On special occasions (e.g. at the end of sports days) parents may be given permission to take their children home early.