Care of Chromebook

In this notice we will be sharing with you what we discuss and expect of students in terms of caring for the digital equipment we have at school. As your child has a privately owned Chromebook we thought you might find it helpful knowing our expectations when having discussions at home about how your child uses and cares for their Chromebook.

The chromebook, like all digital equipment is fragile. We have trialled many types of Chromebooks and selected one which is as durable as possible, but it is important that students learn to care for their device in order to get maximum use. The Chromebooks most fragile areas are the screen, which can have spots of dead pixels after misuse,the charging socket and the trackpad. We have also seen damage caused by too much pressure being placed on it e.g. sitting on it.

Chromebooks come with a one year warranty for manufacturing faults but this does not cover damage caused by misuse.

Here are our expectations of care at school:

Your Chromebook is precious and needs to be cared for
-When you are not using your Chromebook always put it in a padded bag to protect it from getting broken.
-When you are leaving the classroom put your Chromebook in the lockable cupboard so it is not at risk of being stolen.
-When using your Chromebook press softly on the keys and trackpad. It does not need really hard pressure to work.
-When plugging your Chromebook in to charge put the cord into the socket carefully so as to not bend the pin
-Never pick your Chromebook up by the screen as this can break the screen.
-Be careful not to drop your Chromebook as this can break it.
-If while using your chromebook you need to go and get something, do not leave it on the floor for somebody to stand on or leave it on a seat or couch for someone to sit on.
-When putting your chromebook down on a table to work, place it softly. Any hard thumps can cause it to break.

If you drop it you might be lucky to have it still working - this does not mean it will always be fine when you drop it. Each drop damages it a little bit and this damage builds up till eventually it just gets knocked slightly and breaks.

I hope you found the above information helpful.