Stationery: Years 4 and 5

Parents are asked to purchase children’s stationery during the holidays. There are so many cheap prices available throughout January it is an opportunity which should not be lost. Below is a list of the stationery children will require:

3 x 1B8 Warwick exercise books

1 x 1A8 Warwick exercise book

1 x 1H5 Warwick exercise books

1 x A3 unlined scrapbook of at least 60 pages (e.g. Clever Kiwi Activity Book)

8 x HB Pencils and a pencil sharpener

1 x Ruler 30cm – (not the flexible kind please)

2 x Erasers

1 x packet of coloured pencils

2 x large glue sticks (AMOS brand)

2 x red ball point pens

2 x black or blue ballpoint pens

1 x Black Marker – Fine tip (Sharpie brand)

1 x large box of tissues

3-4 different coloured highlighters

1 x Headphones

School sunhat ready for use in Term One

1 x Google Read Write, Maths Whizz & Seesaw Licence (we would appreciate payment of the licence ) - $40.00
Please deposit this to the school account- 12-3223-0105516-00 with your child’s name and Whizz/Google as reference.

Name all books and stationery. Please do not cover the A3 scrapbook.
Please do not label subjects on the books. We will do this in the first week of school.