Stationery: Years 2 and 3

Parents are asked to purchase children’s stationery during the holidays. There are so many cheap prices available throughout January it is an opportunity which should not be lost. Below is a list of the stationery children will require. Please could they have it purchased and brought to school on the first day – named, covered and in a named plastic bag.


4 x 1I5 Warwick exercise books

3 x Warwick Project Book

1 x 30cm Ruler (plastic - with centimetres – not flexible ones)

1 x Packet of Felt Pens

1 x Packet of coloured pencils (12 pack)

8 x HB Pencils (Staedler preferred – no rubbers on top)*

1 x Sketching pencil – Staedtler 6B*

1 x Soft Pencil Case (to fit in tote tray)

1 x Black Sharpie (fine tip)*

1 x Eraser*

3 x Blue Biros

1 x  Highlighter (Stabilo BOSS - any colour)

3 x Large Glue Sticks (AMOS Brand)*

1 x Headphones – named in a sturdy ziplock bag (last years can be used if still working)

1 x Large Box of Tissues*

1 x Home Reading Log (to be purchased from the office) - $5.00 ( Year 2 ONLY)

2 x Show-me medium tip whiteboard Markers (to be purchased from the office) - $3.00*

1 x Google Read Write, Mathletics & Seesaw Licence fee- $35.00 (we would appreciate payment of the licence)

*These items will be kept by the teacher and shared out as necessary. It is a more efficient way of managing these items, so please do not put names on these.

# For children new to our school (or if not previously purchased)
# 1 x Journal Bag – Large, Velcro fastener
# 1 x School Sun Hat (to be purchased from the school office - $15.00)
# 1 x 20 leaf Clearfile (Assessment)