School Information A-Z

Mōhiohio o te Kura Ā-Wh
学校信息 A-Z


If your child is going to be absent for the day, please notify the school office before 9.10am, so that a message can be given to your child’s classroom teacher. If we have not heard from you by 9.30am, the school office will contact you. If you know in advance that your child will be away please advise this is writing or email.


Absences must be reported each day your child is away. There are several ways to do this:

All absences must be reported by 9.10am on the day.

Before and After School Care

The school operates a Before and After School Care (B/ASC) programme. A qualified and experienced Child Care Supervisor has been employed to oversee the programme in liaison with the Principal and Board of Trustees.

Before & After School Care is open to children attending Churton Park School 7.30 - 8.30am and from 3.00pm to 5.45pm, Monday to Friday during term time, excluding statutory holidays. Enrolment is dependent on spaces being available and as there is a waiting list, it is recommended parents put their child’s name down very early for this service.

The school operates the programme as a service to parents. Pricing is met from the service to fully cover costs so that it is not subsidised by the non-user parent community. It is important that fees are paid when due, for the school to continue to provide the service.


Before School Care: $10 per child per morning

After School Care: $12 per child from 3.00 - 4.15pm, after 4.15pm full session rates apply
- $19 per session for the first child in the family - full session is 3.00-5.45pm
- $17 per session for second and subsequent children in family

Family pricing is applied day to day depending on the number attending on the day

Please note: A late pick-up fee of $10 per 5 minutes per child applies after 5.45pm

Bicycles and Scooters

All children who ride bikes and scooters to school must wear their helmet, and walk their bicycle or scooter in the school grounds before and after school. Bikes and scooters must be kept in the designated racks. Scooters may be used in the playground in the designated area and time.


Enrolment at Churton Park School is currently governed by an Enrolment Scheme with a defined “Home Zone”. Details are available on the Enrolment page and also from the school office.

We invite all prospective New Enrolment parents to view our school in action. Please ring the office to make an appointment to visit our school. The Principal will also be available to answer any questions you might have.

Enrolment forms must be filled out prior to your child starting school. You can enrol online via our school website or forms may be collected from the school office. A copy of your child’s Birth Certificate, Immunisation Certificate and any resident or student visas must be provided to the office before your child starts school.

Home & School Association

The Home and School Association (HSA) carries out an important role in our school culture - enhancing the communication and social interaction between the school and the community. They meet every second Monday of the month during term time in the school staffroom and organise a range of fun fundraising activities to support our school. They are always happy to have new members join them, so are hoping you can come along. Further information is available from our website or from the school office.


The setting of homework is decided by each classroom teacher and is an extension of their daily learning programme, aimed at reinforcing skills already taught.

We expect children will….

  • Read for at least 15 minutes daily
  • Learn spelling
  • Practise times tables
  • Use Maths Whizz

House Groups

At Churton Park School we have a House System in place. Every child is placed in a house team and family members are grouped together. During the year we have house events organised by Year 6 House Captains.
House names: Abilene, Burbank, Halswater, Lakewood and Westchester which are all street names in our local community.

Lost Property

It is essential that all belongings are named. No valuable or personal possessions should be brought to school, and money should be given to the teacher for safekeeping. The “Lost Property” box is a large grey container kept in the Hall Office and is usually overflowing with clothes that are not named.


Lunches are available online Tuesday to Friday. See the menu and price list

Medical Room

A pupil will be taken to the Medical Room if he/she becomes ill or has an accident. If necessary, parents will be contacted to collect their child. Please ensure that the school has up to date records of any medical condition that may affect your child and also your contact details. Medication will be administered only with consent from parents.


If money is sent to school for any extra activity e.g; school trips, please place all money, in a named envelope and return to your child’s teacher or bring to the school office.


Weekly newsletters will be available on the school website, via email or hard copy keeping parents informed of school events. At times other notices will be sent home from Hillary or Blake Teams about trips, visits and other activities relating to specific events. These are available from our website also.

Parent Concerns

Parents are welcome at all times to contact their child's teacher to arrange an appointment to discuss any matters of concern. In most cases, discussion with your child’s teacher is all that is required. If you are still concerned, please go the Policies & Procedures page and follow the instructions to see the Concerns and Complaints Process. 

We encourage parents to help in our school. Parents can help in a variety of ways for differing periods.

  • Sports coaching
  • Craft activities
  • Road Patrol Supervision
  • Camp parents
  • Transport
  • Library help
  • Developmental activities
  • Perceptual Motor Programme

Phones and Mobile Devices

Children are not encouraged to bring cell phones or smartwatches to school. If it is necessary for your child to bring a one of these devices for making arrangements after school, the school does not accept responsibility for lost, damaged, or stolen phones or watches.  Students must turn these off in class and keep them out of sight.
Children in Year 4-6 are able to bring Chromebooks to school; each class has a lockable cupboard where these devices are to be stored when not used for classroom activities.

Phone Numbers and Parent Contacts

Please advise the school office of any changes of address, phone number or parent contact. It is vital that we have up to date records in case of an emergency.

Physical Education

All children are required to take part in physical education/swimming/sports activities. Notes/email are required if children are unable to participate due to injury or illness. Appropriate clothing for active engagement is encouraged everyday e.g. suitable running shoes and sports clothing.

Reporting to Parents

See Reporting to Parents.

School Donation

The Board of Trustees sets the level of a voluntary student donation which is $200 per year for one child, $350 for two children and $450 for three or more children. All receipts issued will be written as “School Donation” as these can, if applicable, be used for tax purposes.

School Stationary

Your child will receive an itemised booklist on arrival at school which is best purchased from local stationery shops. Throughout the year any request for stationery money will always go home in writing from the class teacher.


In Terms 1 and 4 Churton Park School has a sun smart policy which requires the children to wear sun hats when they are outside. On the stationery list is a ‘school sunhat’. This is purchased from the school office and has the letter of your child’s house group on the front.

Traffic Patrol

We appreciate parental assistance in supervising our Road Patrol after school. If you can assist on a regular basis, please advise the school office.
Time involved: 2.55 - 3.15pm once a week.

Please ensure your children and yourself cross at our school patrol.
When dropping off children please stay clear of entrance and yellow lines.
Please be aware of the “Pick up / Drop-Off Zone” at the front of the school, this area is not a parking zone between 8 - 9 am and 2.30 - 3.30 pm Monday to Friday, during School terms.