Alert Level 2 Information for Parents & Caregivers Page

Churton Park School will be open to all students on Monday 18 May

Welcoming Students Back

Welcoming students back, assuring them they are safe and checking on their wellbeing is the first and most important job we’ll do. Once this has happened, everyone will be ready to start focusing on learning.  This will be similar to starting the year again, setting up routines and expectations. 


Staggered Finish Times

To try and minimise the congestion at the end of the day we will have staggered finish times. 

2.50 pm- NE and Yr 1

2.55 pm- Yr 2/3

3 pm Yr -6

Older siblings can finish at the same time as their younger siblings and meet them at the classroom door. 

ASC students stay in class until 3 pm. 


Access to School Site

Parents, caregivers & visitors must always sign in at the office and cannot enter classrooms.

Visitors will be issued with a sticker to show they have signed in. Staff will actively ask parents and visitors without a sticker to sign in. 


Physical Distancing Alert Level 2 from MoE

It means children, young people, and staff maintaining a physical distance so that they are not breathing on or touching each other. You literally get some breathing space. As described by Dr Payinda in his NZ Herald article, “Covid's not measles or chickenpox, it doesn't hang in the air for hours waiting to infect passers-by. It travels on invisible drops of spit. You don't have to cross the street to avoid anyone. Just avoid getting in their 'moist breath' zone”.

 So in a school setting, if you can smell the person’s breath or feel that you are in that “most breath” zone, move a little further away. Avoid touching others and for adults, it is recommended that where practicable you keep a metre distance between you.

Key strategies:

  • Constant reminders of correct hygiene procedures (washing hands, sneezing and coughing etiquette) 
  • Hand sanitizer in classrooms and staffroom- students and staff to use this whenever entering or leaving a building
  • Teachers to allow time for regular hand washing/ sanitizing
  • No sharing of food or drink
  • Students will be spread out where possible in classrooms/ learning spaces
  • Water fountains closed
  • All non-essential activities postponed or cancelled (assemblies, Churton Leigh etc)
  • Keep a breathing distance between people (there is no minimum distance required for schools at alert level 2)
  • Disinfectant spray and cloths for each classroom
  • Hook doors back all day to reduce contact


  • Spread students out across Hubs and learning spaces where possible
  • Avoid having large numbers in one place eg several classes on the mat 
  • Surfaces sanitised daily and teachers disinfect during the day as required
  • Shared devices cleaned prior to putting back each day
  • Children hand sanitise before and after using devices
  • When sitting on the mat, children should not be touching or breathing on each other
  • Sanitiser will be provided in every classroom and used by everyone upon entry and exit 
  • Hook doors back where possible 
  • PE can involve shared equipment, but children MUST wash/sanitise their hands before and after 
  • Readers will not be sent home for the first week- reassess on Friday
  • No sharing of food or drinks


Office Protocols

  • Keep glass screens closed
  • Hand sanitiser available
  • 2 person maximum in the office- others to wait outside
  • One in one out 



  • The school has been cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant and is ready for the return of students
  • Each class will have a bottle of disinfectant, cloth and gloves to use as necessary
  • High touch zones (e.g. door handles) will be regularly cleaned
  • The school will be cleaned thoroughly every evening


Personal care 

Advice from the Ministry of Health is that PPE is not required in any educational facilities. Experience in New Zealand and overseas with COVID-19 over the last three months shows that it does not infect or affect children and teens in the same way it does adults. Children and teens have low infection rates, they don't become that unwell if they do get infected, and they don't tend to pass the virus on to adults.

Normal hygiene practices are sufficient unless a student develops symptoms of acute respiratory illness or has been in contact with people who are unwell or who are being tested for COVID 19.


Sick Bay

If a student becomes unwell while at school, they will be separated from other students and staff in the Reading Recovery room. Parents will be notified to pick them up as soon as possible. 

Students with bumps and scrapes will be in the sickbay. 

 For students who require close personal care or assistance toileting, this will be provided by their normal support staff member, and usual hygiene practices will be observed. Gloves and face masks will be provided. 



Students must attend school as normal unless sick or self-isolating. Distance learning will only be provided for students self-isolating due to contact with Covid-19 or are particularly vulnerable to the disease. 



Will operate at level 2 with the same health and safety measures as above. Families who use this service will be sent a clear set of guideline from Before and After School Care around dropping off and collecting their children



Open as normal at level 2 including lunchtimes (max 30 students). Students and staff will hand sanitise when entering and leaving. Returns will be put in a box and left for 3 days before being sanitised and put back on shelves. 


In an Emergency 

  • In the event of an emergency, we will follow our standard procedures
  • Keeping people safe from the danger created by the emergency becomes the number one priority, then physical distancing is considered
  • Once evacuated, physical distancing rules should be implemented - not touching/breathing on each other - an exception may arise in the need to care for wellbeing 


Covid Exposure

  • Parents are asked to inform the Principal immediately of any potential exposure in their immediate family to covid 19 and they must keep their child home until an appropriate course of action is determined
  • If the school is connected with a confirmed case of Covid 19, following the MOE and MOH advice, the school will close for cleaning and contact tracing for 72 hours, which may extend to 14 days


Developed and reviewed with guidance from ‘Managing health and safety in schools at Alert Level 2’, Ministry of Education.