Student Leadership


At Churton Park School we encourage and invite students to engage in a number of roles to enhance their leadership skills and to be of service to their school. Through working collaboratively with their peers and other adults, students learn the importance of commitment, service and active participation in a common cause.

At the beginning of the year Year 6 students are invited to apply for a role as a House Captain. Students prepare a speech which they deliver to the members of their House during a Hub assembly, and, using a secret vote, two students are selected to represent their House for the year. These students then work with the Deputy Principal on a number of initiatives during the year, e.g. organising a House Poetry Competition, organising end of term assembly, sporting events, and other occasions as the need arises.

After this process, Year 5 and 6 students are invited to apply for a role as a Student Councillor, this time presenting a speech which they deliver to their class. Two students are then selected from each class to meet regularly with the Deputy Principal to organise such events as the Karim Fundraiser and collecting student voice. They keep their classes informed of upcoming events, and bring ideas back to the whole group for discussion.

In 2022 we are revamping our Peer Mediation programme and will be called the Connected Crew. At the start of the year, students will be trained to help solve minor issues in the playground. Following a set process, they will be a visible presence in the playground on fine days and throughout the school on wet days, wearing their high vis vests. Students can use then Connected Crew to help them solve disagreements in a fair and supportive way.

Year 6 students are also invited to be of service as a Road Patroller, either on duty before school or after school. Training the previous year is provided from the Police Education Officer, and refresher courses are held regularly. Either a teacher or parent supervises this duty every day. Wet weather gear is provided for all patrollers. A roster is drawn up each term to ensure continuity and safety for all.

Another opportunity for Year 6 students is the Media Group. Students apply for this opportunity by submitting a video application. Examples of what their work can be found here

Students are also invited to apply via letter to the School Librarian and Teacher with Library responsibility for roles as School Librarians. These people work together with other students and the staff to carry out a range of roles - keeping library displays current, helping with Book Fairs, shelving and issuing books, and being in the library for lunch-time browsers.

Over the course of the year teachers are constantly on the lookout for one Year 6 student displaying the values of citizenship. One student from each school in the Northern Suburbs is selected by their school as the recipient of a Citizenship Award. They attend a prize giving ceremony with their family and teachers, where their citation is read out and a plaque presented. The plaque is displayed for all to see in the school foyer.

Year 6 students also volunteer to be of service as PE Shed Monitors, PE trolley monitors, music/bell ringers, dish monitors and flag bearers. This is on a rotating termly basis.