School Values

Ngā Ūara o te kura

Our values are deeply held beliefs about what we think is important to be expressed in the way we think and behave. Through our school programme we seek to instil the values of taking responsibility, celebrating diversity, building excellence, showing consideration, being innovative, having integrity, displaying resilience and showing respect. While we encourage and reinforce all these values during our school day, each term we focus on one particular value and this is always advertised in our school newsletter. We also ask that you help by talking about the termly value at home.

Our values posters were all designed and created by students at our school.

Consideration / Whakaaro (Puttings others first)

Our focus for showing consideration / whakaaro is all about putting others first. We encourage all our students to ask themselves, “Have you helped someone today?” Please talk to your child/ren about this important value, and ask them what consideration looks like, how have they shown this value at school, and how they can show it at home too. Get them to tell you about who, and how, they have helped someone today, and perhaps you could share with them who you have helped also.

Resilience / Manawaroa (I can do this!)

Our focus for being resilient / manawaroa is to encourage our students to learn from their mistakes by applying a Growth Mindset approach, helping them to cope with change, to bounce back from disappointment and not fall apart, to know what to do when they are stuck or something doesn’t go the way they thought it would. Increasingly you will see both in research and in media, the need for our young people to develop resilience to help them cope with the significant changes and pressures of living in the 21st century. We want to be part of helping them with that journey – and we know you will too. Please talk about this important life value at home, especially in the situations where your child is feeling disappointed or upset about something, and help them to work through these feelings positively. It will be a value that stands them in good stead for life!

Innovation / Wairua Auaha (Just imagine...)

Our focus for being innovative / wairua auaha is to provide opportunities for our students to think creatively, to be motivated and willing to challenge themselves, to be problem solvers, to encourage them to make plans and be daring, to be curious and enquiring, and to look to good role models and be inspired by them. It would be helpful if you used this language and encouraged your child to be innovative at home. These children will be our entrepreneurs and problem solvers of the future – and we are definitely going to need them.

Diversity / Rereketanga (I am unique, you are unique - together we're great!)

This is all about valuing diversity / rereketanga in all its different forms. We encourage our students to be proud of their uniqueness and to embrace difference by developing the ability to recognise and celebrate different cultures and backgrounds and learning styles, as well as different abilities in a variety of learning areas including academic, sport or the arts. We seek to find ways to celebrate all the different cultures in our school. We want to learn from each other (and our school community) so that we can truly understand the different traditions and customs that make our community unique. Our children will be moving into a global world where interactions with different languages and different world experiences will be much more accessible, and this is one way we can help develop tolerance, openness and appreciation of each other. We would love you to talk to your child’s classroom teacher about how your child can share the important events and traditions in your family.

Taking Responsibility / Tokohanga (You can trust me!)

Taking responsibility / tokohanga is all about encouraging our students to think about how to take responsibility for themselves, and others, in a range of different areas. This includes helping them to think about the choices they make and the actions they take, their learning, their safety, managing themselves and their time, and also our environment – a lot to think about! It also reminds our students that there are consequences for the decisions they make, both the positive and not so positive choices. Thinking about this value now will hopefully help them to make decisions in the future that make their lives safer and happier.

Respect / Manaakitanga (I care for myself, others and the environment)

Our focus in showing respect / manaakitanga means treating others, ourselves and our environment well. Showing kindness, sharing and caring, honouring others’ ideas and thinking are all ways of showing respect. Looking after our environment by thinking about sustainability, recycling and reusing, and not littering are all ways of showing respect to our world and making it better for those generations after us. Please support your child and our school by providing a litterless lunchbox and by modelling respect at home.

Integrity / Tika (Do the right thing)

Our focus for having integrity / tika means doing the right thing, being willing to admit that you did something that maybe you shouldn’t have, being honest and standing up for what you believe in, even if others have a different view. It’s not an easy value because it can demand that you step outside your comfort zone at times, but what “value” it will add to your life. At home we encourage you to look for situations where individuals have had to stand up for what they believe - and to celebrate that with your child/ren.

Excellence / Tika (Be the best we can be)

When talking about excellence at Churton Park School, we encourage our students (and ourselves) to be personally motivated to achieve their best in learning; to put effort into relationships and to setting an example with our behaviour; to set and strive to achieve personal goals; to listen to and act on feedback; and to have a sense of pride in a job well done. Our aim is for everyone to find it in themselves to be the best they can be!

Excellence is the willingness to be wrong; perfection is being right.
Excellence is risk; perfection is fear.
Excellence is powerful; perfection is anger and frustration.
Excellence is spontaneous; perfection is conformity.
Excellence is accepting; perfection is judgement.
Excellence is giving; perfection is taking.
Excellence is confidence; perfection is doubt.
Excellence is flowing; perfection is pressure.
Excellence is journey; perfection is destination.
Excellence is surrender; perfection is consuming.
Excellence is trust; perfection is selfishness.