News Crew

Ropu pitopito kōrero

The News Crew is a group of Year 6 students selected for their passion and ability in movie making. They apply for the role by making a movie application, creatively sharing why they want to be in News Crew and why they are the best person for the job.

The students then learn more about the art of communicating to an audience through digital media, and how to edit footage effectively using macbooks and ipads. They then think about what News Crew role will be best for them, and what they want to achieve during their time in the Crew.

The News Crew are the talent behind the following digital media resources within the school:

CPS Story: This is our infotainment show, providing you with news and entertainment about what is happening at Churton Park School through the eyes of the students. Our CPS story hosts have their fingers on the pulse of the thoughts and feelings of their fellow students.

Kia Ora: This is our Maori language show, helping CPS students to extend their Maori language knowledge in a fun and entertaining way.

Churton Park Blog Excellence Award: Every week the News Crew check what has been happening in the class blogs, and picks one blog post that best meets the Blog Excellence Award criteria to showcase on the School Blog.

CPS digital tour: We are currently creating documentaries to explain what you see around the school and how we do things at CPS, to create a digital tour for visitors and new students to CPS.

On top of this, we also get asked to create movies for specific special events around the school, and are responsible for maintaining the Churton Park School Blog.


CPStory Episode 12

CPStory episode 8

Kia Ora Episode 4

Year 0 & 1 Lunch Area Film