Ngā Kaitiaki o te taiao

The Greenies are Churton Park School’s environmental ambassadors. We are a group of Year 3-6 students who are interested in caring for and protecting our natural environment. This year we are working with Mrs Cooper and Mrs Player on a number of environmental initiatives to ensure that our school and surrounding community is a great place to be. Churton Park School is a Bronze Enviroschool.

Power Rangers
We became a Schoolgen school in 2015 and have our own solar panels. Our Power Rangers monitor our school power usage and check that we are not wasting this resource. Classes are encouraged and awarded certificates for making sure they turn off their lights, heaters and televisions when they are not in their classrooms.

Litter Less Lunch Boxes
We strongly encourage the children at Churton Park School to bring litter less lunch boxes. Our students eat their morning tea in their classrooms during Read and Feed each day. All food wrappers and waste goes back into their lunch boxes. We collect biodegradable food scraps to make compost and to feed our worm farm.

School Environment
We have our own school vegetable garden that our Greenies plan, plant out and maintain. We are particularly interested in companion planting and growing unusual vegetables. We also take responsibility for Sian’s garden and the plants around our tree house.

We want to encourage birds and insects to live in our school, especially bees. We have two hives - one for leaf cutter bees and the other for bumble bees. We are also investigating how to attract weta to our school. We have designed and made bird feeder and houses to invite birds into our school.

Local Community
We enjoy working with and getting to know other people in our Churton Park community. Last year we enjoyed spending time at Churton Park Kindergarten helping them with their gardens and rebuilding their scarecrow. This year we are working with Mountains to Sea and learning how to test and monitor the stream at Stebbings Dam. It has been really exciting to go down to the dam and gather and text samples. This will be an ongoing project for a number of years as we become Kaitiaki (guardians) our this local water way.

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