Room 7

Kia ora Koutou. Room 5 is Rereroa named after the albatross in the legend of Porirua Harbour and Miss Stubbing is our teacher. Room 7 is Awarua named after the taniwha in the same legend, Mrs Player is our teacher.  Together we are the awesome Year 6’s at CPS. Most of the day we spend working together.  Mrs Butson-Legget and Mrs Goodall also work with us regularly.  We have 3 classrooms.  Room 6 is Rangimārie and it is a quiet, shared working space.  

We are all about challenging ourselves, having growth mindsets and having some fun with our learning.  As Year 6’s we are the role models for the younger children and we take our leadership seriously. We make good learning choices and make a lot of decisions about our learning. We are road patrollers, house captains, student counsellors, librarians and many other roles.  We ring the school bells, put up the flag and help with the PE trolley and dishes.  We are excited about going to camp in Term 4.  Year 6 is our last year at Churton Park School and we are going to make it count and go out with no regrets!

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